Christ, The High Rock

Come hither and let us measure the Rock Christ Jesus. Here is a man who is a great sinner. “Ah,” he says, “I am a great sinner, indeed; my iniquities reach so high that they smite the very stars; they have gone before me to the judgment-seat of God, and they are clamoring for my destruction.” Well, sinner, come thou here and measure this rock. Thou art very high, it is true, but this is a rock that is higher than thou art; a great sinner thou mayest be, and estimate thyself at the greatest thou possibly canst; there, set thy sins down at some inconceivable height; if thou hast thought thyself to be a very Goliath in sin; if thou sayest, ” I am as big a sinner as Saul of Tarsus,” put thy sin pile on pile, tief on tier, nay, borrow thy neighbor’s sins; take them all, and recollect that—

“If all the Bids that men have done
In will, in word, in thought, and deed,
Since worlds were made, and time began,
Were laid on one poor sinner’s head;”—

“The blood of Jesns Christ alone
Could for this mass of sin atone,
And sweep it all away.”

However high thy sin may be, there is the covert of a rock in a weary land higher than thou art, and under this thou mayest shelter thyself.

– C. H. Spurgeon