Ways To Support

WSOF Radio is a listener supported ministry. While we rely largely upon our listeners, we do have area businesses that support Christian radio thru underwriting grants. What is an underwriting grant?

Underwriting grants are an economical way to expose your business and support the community you serve, as all WSOF grants are tax-deductible. Since WSOF is a non-profit organization, we do not ‘sell’ airtime. Any airtime given to businesses is contracted by grant, a tax-deductible donation (underwriting).

Grant packages are developed individually to accommodate your business as effectively as possible. Grant mentions are allocated in thirty second segments, and are priced based on the number of mentions per day per month.

8 daily / :30 sec = $300 / month
6 daily / :30 sec = $200 / month
4 daily / :30 sec = $100 / month
2 daily / :30 sec = $50 / month

A grant is an acknowledgement of a monetary donation or donation in kind. The intent of these messages is to identify, not promote, the donor. Being a noncommercial radio station whose funding primarily comes from listeners, WSOF is not allowed to advertise in accordance with FCC regulations.

A grant can include:

The Business name and location
Neutral Slogans
Services Offered
Contact Info

Grants may not include:

Comparisons between businesses and products.
Calls to action
Superlatives such as ‘best’, ‘largest’, or ‘most.’

Below is an example of a grant mention:

“A portion of WSOF programming is being brought to you by a grant from John’s Deli, located at 123 Front Street. John’s Deli offers a variety of specialty burgers, salads, and soft drinks. That’s John’s Deli, located at 123 Front Street, phone number 555-1234.”

With your sponsorship, WSOF can help you succeed in reaching your target audience. The customers you wish to attract are our listening audience, and with a variety of shows you will inevitably receive exposure to your customers, and enhance your business by utilizing WSOF services. For more information, please contact WSOF Radio @ (866) 897-9763.